Tips For Marketing Your Business In 2016

Technological growth, especially in the last sixteen years, has changed the way people conduct business. Technology has transformed the world into a global village, making it possible to conduct businesses from any geographical location and at any time of the day. But that is not all. Technological advancement has also changed the buying and selling of product and services. We have e-commerce and e-marketing, business concepts which were unheard of in last millennium.

Business Marketing

Consumers are more informed than in the years gone. The buyers regularly browse websites and follow firms on the social media to update themselves on the latest products and services. It easier for consumers to compare different specs and prices of their intended buy with a simple click of the button.

Therefore, you should follow the following tips to make the most out your advertisement strategies in the year 2016.

Tips For Marketing Your Business In 2016

Increase And Optimize Your Online Presence On Mobile Devices

Designing a mobile-friendly advertisement content increases your online presence. Currently, over 51% of internet users spend their time browsing on mobile devices compared to 42% who use laptop and desktop computers. Also, some potential customers have wearable mobile devices like watches which they use for communication purposes and to stay informed about various aspects of news. As a firm, you should make mobile marketing strategy a priority, with the continuing development of mobile technology. Factors that you should consider when pursuing this strategy include your business’s look on the mobile device, email optimization, and leveraging mobile functionalities like push buttons and apps.

Focus On Relationship Marketing

Staying in touch and offering exemplary services will be key to fostering ongoing relationships with your customers. Relationship marketing strategy will greatly bolster firms marketing efforts with more consumers turning to smartphone devices for product advice and shopping reviews. As such, firms should shift their focus from short-term win to long term gains.

This marketing strategy is implemented by;

-Learning about your clients
-Acting on your customers’ feedback
-Maintaining regular contact with your customers
-Developing confidence with your clients.

Optimize On Content Marketing

Content marketing is a mainstream norm for businesses, incorporating philosophies of mobile and relationship marketing. Content marketing involves adding well researched and informative quotes, articles, and videos to your website. The posts should be engaging enough to keep your brand in the minds of your customers. For example, a plumbing firm can share “Ten tips for preventing leaks” or a “DIY video of repairing a Faucet leak.”

Adopt Precision Marketing

Businesses can focus their marketing efforts on individual customers and households using purchasing data and analytics. Marketing tools such as Facebook and Google ads offer reliable Geo-marketing statistics that businesses can capitalize on by leveraging their key customer niche.

Continuous Testing

Regularly study your analytics, tweak your marketing campaigns and tests the results of your evolving marketing plans. Failure to periodically revise your marketing plan is making a gamble. Even though the strategy of continuously testing your marketing plans may appear expensive, it is, in fact, less costly in the long run. Continuous testing will help you to avoid marketing pitfalls which may substantially drain your firm’s resources.